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The safety of our family, friends, and guests is our highest priority, especially in the present circumstances. In accordance with the statement from the Office of Governor of the State of California, we will be reducing the hours of operation of our Tasting Room. Our staff will be onsite at Rutherford Ranch for the foreseeable future and we are monitoring the recommendations from the government and health authorities daily.

We have created a variety of events for all types of occasions for our wine club members, wine enthusiasts or those just starting to enjoy wine to share our passion for wine, food and fun!

Host a Private Event

Contact our special events department at or call (707) 968-3200.

If you have any questions or want to purchase tickets for a specific event listed above, please give us a call at (707) 968-3200.

We hope to see you at the next event!

Locations are subject to weather. Tickets are non-refundable with in 5 days of event date. These events will have photos and some live video feeds shared with social media. We value your privacy; please let us know if you do not want your images shared.