Sustainability ensures long-term health of the entire ecological system by promoting and maintaining the biodiversity of plants and animals, conservation of natural resources and supporting the viability of the agricultural community for generations to come.

The term “sustainable” encompasses practices and matters that extend beyond our vineyards.

Sustainable practices include:

  • Water and energy conservation
  • Pollution prevention
  • Cover crops to enrich soil, prevent erosion, aid in water conservation and provide habitat for beneficial insects
  • Providing natural, undeveloped corridors for animal life
  • Natural predation (bird and insect) to replace chemical herbicides and pesticides
  • Ongoing education within the organization and community to improve and refine our efforts
  • Our family has taken an active and leading role in this organization from its inception, undertaking the Wine Institute’s Sustainable Winegrowing Certification process for our Napa Vineyards.

Our ecological efforts include allowing areas of land to remain in a natural, pristine state to support indigenous plant and wildlife. In the vineyards we minimize the use of synthetic substances by substituting or augmenting them with age-old methods such as natural predation to help control insects and animals that are harmful to the vines. These practices help to limit environmental impact, increase soil and plant health and vigor, and result in higher quality fruit.

Natural resources and energy conservation are served by water reclamation and reuse. Solar power contributes to lower energy use, improved air quality and a smaller carbon footprint. (One of our family’s refrigeration systems, assembled and installed in-house, consists of nearly 5000 solar panels that produce close to one million watts of electrical power.)

As active members of the Central Coast Vineyard Team, we are establishing and defining sustainable guidelines and educating the larger grower community to help keep the land productive, profitable and vital for many years. In many instances, we are sharing farming practices that our family has employed for three generations.

We continuously seek to explore opportunities beyond the vineyard. We partner with producers of our packaging materials to increase the use of recycled, recyclable and biodegradable materials in the manufacture of glass, closures and labels.