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Vine to Glass Experience

$75 /

Follow the creative journey of Vine to Wine! Explore from grapes to glass at Rutherford Ranch Winery. As seen in Napa Valley Life Magazine, your educational host (and local wine guru), Dean Slattery, leads an adventurous interactive tour. This tasting begins in the famous Abela Vineyard located right on Rutherford Ranch property. While walking amongst the vines and sipping some of our finest wines you will be learning the background of terroir, trellising, elevation and aspect soil types. Learn how each of these factors influence the delicious final blend that may very well be located in your glass.

After the Abela Vineyard, you will cross into our wine cellar where Dean will explain how our sustainable wine is made. While again grasping taste buds with yet another wine tasting straight from the barrel, Dean will then touch upon the fermentation process, oak aging and blending. Heading out of the cellar, walking towards our final concluding tasting, this magnificent experience includes our massive cork tree, it's purpose, and brief history. While concluding in the stunning lounge area of our 100-year-old Olive Grove, Dean will assist you in an additional sensory discovery, (instructional tasting if you choose) and scrumptious artisanal cheese pairing to top off your adventure.

Available Friday-Tuesday at 10:30, 1pm, and 3pm by prior appointment for $75 per person. Reserve your space at

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