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2018 Reserve Rosé - Napa Valley bottle shot
Rutherford Ranch


Napa Valley


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  • Aging: Stainless Steel
  • Alcohol: 13.5%
Olive Branch
Bright and vibrant aromas of fresh strawberry, red raspberry and orange blossom.

Vineyard Notes

54% Cabernet Sauvignon

46% Malbec

Food Pairing Notes

This rosé can be enjoyed alongside delicious poached salmon, salad with lemon vinaigrette, gazpacho or fresh fruit salad.

Production Notes

Our Napa Valley Reserve Rosé is produced using the
Saignée Method. The process produces not just a Rosé but
a red wine as well. Early in the maceration process, we
remove some of the juice and vinify it separately as a Rosé.
The rest of the juice is left to continue vinifying into a
more concentrated red wine. We chose the Saignée Method
since it produces Rosés richer in style and color.

2018 was a truly exceptional year for ripening grapes. Winter started out with very little rainfall, which made growers worry that it may be another year of drought. When March arrived, however, it brought along the much-needed rainfall that helped fill the root zone, water table and some reservoirs. The vines came out of winter dormancy and began the season with ample water and abundant sun shine. The long growing season gave the berries more time to ripen and develop a delicious fruity character.