Round Hill
White Zinfandel


  • Alcohol: 10.5%
Olive Branch
Beautiful rose pink color, and fruit-forward with just enough sweetness. Delicate aromas of fresh, ripe strawberries, zesty lime and watermelon. Juicy flavors of strawberry, watermelon and lime. Bright acidity, soft mouthfeel with a lively, clean finish.

Vineyard Notes

Across California, 2015 proved to be another ideal harvest. An early bud break, followed by cool spring weather and moderate summer temperatures gave us grapes of wonderful concentration, good balance and refined quality. We gently press our Zinfandel grapes for the pale pink hue and light skin tannin. Cool fermentation in stainless steel tanks preserves the vibrant aromas and crisp fruit flavors.

Food Pairing Notes

Refreshing and delicious when served chilled as an apéritif. Pair with Buffalo wings, sweet & sour pork dishes or spicy Pad Thai.