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2017 Bourbon Barrel Aged Zinfandel - Lodi bottle shot
Four Virtues
Bourbon Barrel Aged




  • Appellation: 100% Lodi
  • Aging: French and American oak and extended cooperage in Bourbon oak barrels
  • Alcohol: 15.8%
Olive Branch
Intense and full-bodied with red fruit, blackberry and spice. Soft, subtle tannins and a lingering smoky finish.

Vineyard Notes

Extended cooperage in Bourbon oak barrels imparts nuanced layers of caramel, vanilla and toasty oak to the wine’s naturally intense dark berry character. The result is a robust, deliciously complex and silky smooth Lodi Zinfandel.

Production Notes

A renowned wine writer said the best wines must exhibit four virtues: a distinctive style and quality unlike any other; a unique expression of origin (terroir); an intense but not overpowering flavor; and satisfying to the palate and intellect - in other words, be a wine worth talking about about! Our winemaking team has passionately crafted this debut vintage with these virtues in mind.